The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 12 Things You Need RIGHT NOW!!!

It’s here, y’all. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (aka–Christmas in July) is finally ALMOST HERE!
And you’re in luck because we woke up at an EARLY hour this morning to round up our top picks just for YOU! The sale OFFICIALLY opens EARLY ACCESS tomorrow, Friday, July 12, but we wanted you to have a leg up so you’re ready to go!

Sooooo, pass the diet coke and let’s get rollin’. Shall we?

Oh but first–a few quick tips that’ll help you understand and make the most of this epic sale!

  1. Early access starts FRIDAY JULY 12th, which means only cardholders can shop the sale prices until it opens to the public on July 19th. So you’re not a cardholder yet? Not to worry…you can get approved now and start shopping in minutes!

2. One of the great things about this sale is that its all brand new inventory from the upcoming seasonThink FALL! In my opinion, it’s the most fun season to dress for anyway!

3. Weve mentioned this many times before, but FREE shipping AND returns! So order several sizes if you need toyou can send back anything you dont want at no cost to you.

4. Items are restocked throughout the sale, so dont be discouraged if something is no longer available. It might come back before August 4th

5. And this little pearl of advice that I was given recently just blew my mind. If something you love isnt available in your size or the color youd likebuy it anyway. Most items are restocked after the sale and you should be able to exchange it for what you really want then. Genius!

Okay, time for that Diet Coke now. Let’s go!

1. Barefoot Dreams throw blanket
One area often overlooked during the Anniversary Sale is the HOME section! Included in that area is this throw blanket. If you’re familiar with the Barefoot Dreams cardigan, you KNOW how stinkin’ soft this line is. The throw is no exception. Incredibly soft, cozy, and luxurious. Not to mention a quality level bar none!

2. A Timeless dress
Whether you’re looking for your LBD (little black dress) or just something you can wear to church and the office. I LOVE this sheath dress. Classic with a fun ruffle sleeve. The silhouette of this dress will be one you never tire of. It’s just worth every penny.

3. A pop of neutral ANIMAL print
This cardigan, mark my words, will be one that sells out! Leopard (and animal print in general) is a HOT item this Fall. This sweater will look good on just about ANYONE, and the print is a fun neutral. The price is awesome too! I’ve heard a LOT of people compare this cardigan to THIS cheaper version on Amazon. Yes, I do feel it’s similar in style. NO, I don’t feel it’s similar in quality.

4. Halogen Cardigan
A good, neutral, light-weight cardigan has been on my list for awhile and this one fits the bill perfectly. It will be nice to throw on when I need an extra layer–whether it’s church or the freezer isle at the grocery store 😉

5. Zella Live In Leggings
How about an old favorite to kick things off?? These are my tried and true, wear them several times a week, leggings. They’re perfect for running errands, lounging around the house, chasing kids…or working out if you must 😉 Plus they’re half the price of Lululemon! I stock up during the anniversary sale every year!!

6. Adidas Running Shoes
Adidas is making a STRONG come back (in my opinion). I ALWAYS pick out an athletic shoe each year during this sale and my top 2 this year were both Adidas. I love this running shoe, but also this lighter version. Just a warning: people always snatch up athletic shoes FAST. Reason being? Everyone wears them. Everyone needs them. If you want these, add to cart during early access ASAP!

7. Faux Leather Tote
Whether you’re carrying a laptop or diapers and sippy cups (or both!!)–this tote is a must-have. And this is a fantastic price for a high quality brand.

8. Ugg Slippers
Year after year, these continue to be a HOT item. There’s a reason why. They’re SUCH great quality and buttery soft. You will literally wear these year round and enjoy pure luxury. They’re like wrapping your feet in a soft blanket and always a great gift idea too! Splurge on these. You won’t regret it.

9. A walk on the WILD side – Printed bootie
You’ll either LOVE these or hate them, but the truth is, animal print is IN. If they scare you a little, consider pairing them with a classic skinny jean and a simple black top. The bootie will literally become your one bold accessory. These are rumored to also be a quick sell out!

10. Ugg Boots
I know, I know. I already mentioned Ugg slippers, but the only thing equal in need to the slippers is THESE BOOTIES. Get them in your wardrobe NOW. So cozy, but I like that these have a little more “high style” look with the lower cut style. These are a Fall and winter MUST have.

11. The Bra from Heaven
Every issue you’ve ever had with a bra will be solved with this little diddy. It’s like youre wearing NOTHING, with support. I’m not kidding when I say, this is the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. I had no idea how BAD all my bras were till I met this gal. Your boobs are already thanking you!

12. Circle Cardigan
This is the one item I was REALLY hoping would be included in the sale…and it is! It’s my lucky day! I have a few other things from Barefoot Dreams and they are one word: MAGICAL. I read a review that said this cardigan was like wearing a cloud and I would whole-heartedly agree with that! Well worth the investment!! Oh and it comes in plus size too!!

So tell us…what’s in YOUR cart? And stay tuned because we’ll be covering every inch of this monster sale the next couple weeks! Happy shopping, friends!


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