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How to paint my "Bluebell Woods" like a professional artist.

By craftshome / 14. June 2019

I have been painting watercolors professionally for over 30 years and in this tutorial I will teach you exactly how I do it.

We start at the very beginning with a blank sheet of watercolor card and you will follow what I show you to produce your very own original watercolor painting.

I always use just 7 colors to paint my watercolors and you will see the benefit of this when you are actually using the colors,there is a full list of what you need in the free “tools required video.

The main brush I use is the Hake brush,if you are not familiar with the hake,there is a free video all about it in the preview section.

This tutorial is taken from an actual live Facebook session where I painted the picture in front of a live audience so you hear all the questions that they ask me and you see all the mistakes I make along the way!

If you want to learn how to paint beautiful pictures right from the start the way that I do as a professional artist,this is the course for you,

See you in the first lesson,DavidĀ 


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