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SketchUp, Getting started: Basic exercises

By craftshome / 21. May 2019

This course is for beginners and those interested in SketchUp.

SketchUp is a computer-aided design program best known for ease of use and short learning curve. Architects, Interior designers, engineers and many other professionals and the DIYer can get up to speed in generating 3D items and presentations fast.

Using a simple walk through exercise we will cover the following to learn the basics…

  • Downloading SketchUp for FREE / Selecting which SketchUp license to purchase

  • Selecting a start-up template

  • Identifying the different parts of the user interface and tools

  • Drawing lines and 2D shapes to scale

  • SketchUp Inferencing

  • Working with SketchUp groups

  • Creating 3D shapes

  • Adding dimensions within Sketchup

  • Setting scenes (cameras) for export

  • Adding and adjusting shadows

  • Using SketchUp Styles

  • Exporting images from our model

  • Printing to scale with SketchUp Layout

We go from start to finish. Learning the basics for SketchUp is easy!

Get good fast, following the course exercises!


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