Arabic conversations

By craftshome / 23. April 2019

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • introduce yourself in Arabic and your nationality to others

  • rule of making nationality in Arabic; so simple

  • talk about your family and your relatives (males and females)

  • numbers and colors

  • describe yourself and others (tall, short, fat, slim, strong, weak, handsome, …)

  • talk about your home and neighbors and your address

  • grammar (the nominal and the verbal sentence)

And more of vocabulary and sentences in Arabic.

And in every lesson, you will learn the difference between male and female form in Arabic.

As for the Arabic grammar, it is no longer difficult because in Arabic Course 1 we review grammatical rules in order to give you your needs to talk in Arabic.

We offer you some free videos to let you make sure that we are doing our best to make you learn Arabic easily and comfortably.


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