Furniture Design by example I

By craftshome / 15. April 2019

This course is the first in a series aimed towards Architects, Designers and Animators.

Here you will develop your skill set in both 3 D studio max and V ray.

You will enhance your ability to create impressive models and presentation renders. 

The hands on method will help you learn by example; nothing is skipped even the mistakes that I made.

  • First we will go through extra material to speed up our work.
  • Second we will model the furniture piece.
  • Third we will create mapping coordinates which will speed our work later on.
  • Fourth we texture the piece using the Slate editor.
  • Fifth we will create an environment and render our high quality image.

The Second phase of the course takes a different rout:

  • First we will modify our material with ease.
  • Second we will modify the object and its purpose of use.
  • Third we will create a whole new object to practice the new acquired skills.

By the end of the course you should be able to model any similar piece with much ease and save loads of time, 

this will build up to increase your skills and revenue.


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