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#10: Bernina Software 7:Fundamentals of Morph Carving

By craftshome / 15. April 2019

This course is intended for Bernina Software 7 owners who want to learn all the ins and outs of Bernina Software 7.

This course is 40 min of Bernina Software 7, and the tenth course of twenty courses where we will explain the workings of Bernina Software 7.

Explore the Morphing and Carving Stamp creative options

  • Manage the dockets on the right hand side to manage various choices.
  • With the Morphing option you can go wild, same design, different morphing choices, different look
  • Morphing not only offers different choices, but all choices can be edit.
  • Carving Stamp: Introduction on the know hows and options
  • More Carving Stamp, more choices and more wow creations show up.
  • Close up on the Carving Stamp with last minute changes.

We have broken Bernina Software 7 down into 20 courses of not more than 60 min each for your convenience. In each course we will cover a section of the software.


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