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DraftSight Essentials : scale drawing with CAD software

By craftshome / 28. March 2019

Computer Aided Design, or CAD, is so much easier to learn than most people realise, and really takes the hard work out of any kind of technical drawing. Download the Standard version of DraftSight, a professional quality CAD program, and learn how to use it here.

More and more, computer drawing of all kinds is moving into everyday life. Now you can learn to produce accurate scale drawings in a fraction of the time it takes to draw something on paper. DraftSight really is the best possible choice for the occasional user, as it brings really top quality CAD skills within your reach at minimal cost. What is more, being able to produce your own scale drawings could save you a great deal of money, in fees.

Even better, DraftSight is compatible with the industry standard, AutoCAD, and has a very similar set of tools. Learn one, and you can almost certainly use the other really quickly. It is supported by a major corporation with vast experience in drawing software, and it is a cross platform application, running on Windows, Mac and Unix. Millions of people worldwide are already benefitting from this great program, so why not start acquiring another skill today and join them.

                               On the course you will learn;

  • To customise the workspace, and streamline the CAD screen

  • Simple drawing and editing tools, with hands on exercises for you to have a go at

  • Methods and tools which can help you draw more quickly

  • How to draw and edit things accurately, to size

  • Why Layers are really important to use

  • How to set up paper sizes and scales

  • Dimensioning drawings, one of the real CAD time savers

  • How to output your drawings as finished scale plans, either printed or as PDF files


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