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Making of a Gorgeous Curved Mantel Handcrafted Woodwork!

By craftshome / 31. October 2018

Watch here the making of a gorgeous curved mantel piece. This curved mantel is perfect for a beehive fireplace. We have designed the mantel with 6” deep, 7” long and 8” high dimensions. To ensure its placement along the long spanning wall above the fireplace, we have affixed it with interior supportive brackets. Finest quality woods and raw materials are used to craft this beautiful mantel piece.
In this video, you can check the entire process of crafting a handcrafted mantel. With the help of advanced equipment and tools, we have made this curved mantel with great accuracy. If you are interested in ordering such a mantel piece for your bedroom, then we recommend you to contact us today.
You can check our portfolio and recent works on FB at facebook.com/thenobleartisan.
Feel free to call us on 602-820-6668 or mail us at info@thenobleartisan.com.
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