The Best Custom Shirts for Classes, Teams, & Events

By craftshome / 30. September 2018

*This post is sponsored by Custom Ink. It’s seriously the best place to go for all types of custom shirts and gear for your club, team, or family reunion.

Custom Shirts Make Everything More Fun

I like to joke that I got a coaching minor in college so that I could hang out and play sports most of the day. As it turns out, that coaching minor has turned out super handy as a mom. I’ve been able to coach my kids in nearly every sport: soccer, basketball, softball, volleyball, even my son’s little league baseball team. The pay is next-to-nothing (okay, it’s nothing), but the payoff is huge!

I love kids and I love seeing what team sports does to them.

As a truncated version of a conversation I could really go off on—team sports is so great for kids! I’ve seen firsthand how it boosts their confidence, strengthens friendships (and helps them make new ones), and shows kids that they can do hard things.

This is my little volleyball team and man am I proud of them. Most of these girls started out knowing nothing about volleyball, but had a willingness to learn and a spirit of positivity.

My favorite is the cheer they made up to chant before every game:


It’s our team name and they wear it proudly.

These adorable custom tees came from Custom Ink.

The Best Custom Tees & More!

If you’ve got a club, team, group, class, event, or family reunion that needs custom products, Custom Ink has got you covered!

Their product catalog is impressive; they’ve got everything from t-shirts, to sweatshirts, to hats, bags, jerseys, water bottles and much more.

Think of all the possibilities for fun custom gear—senior class shirts, field trips, 50th wedding anniversaries, family trips, school spirit shirts (you can even find your school mascot here!)—literally anything you can think of, Custom Ink can do.

Pricing is super reasonable and if you don’t have the time or the creativity (in my case both) to design a specific product, Custom Ink’s design lab already has a huge selection to choose from.

Custom Design Make Easy

All I did to design these shirts was select the t-shirts I wanted, then plug in our team name to the design lab. About two seconds later, it pulled up row upon row of the cutest options.

The only problem was trying to choose which one I liked best!

The team sent me a preview of my design before it went to print so there would be no mistakes, and then before I knew it, the box arrived with the cutest team tees for my Volley Girls.

If you’ve got a daughter, sign her up for a team sport. I’ve witnessed the change that happens to girls when they become part of a team. They blossom, they thrive, and they gain a confidence that wasn’t there before they started.

And if you have any custom product needs, check out Custom Ink. The company is incredible to work with and the products are top-notch. The possibilities for custom gear are endless (I bet you can think of something right now that custom tees would be perfect for!).

Check out the K-12 School Design Templates at Custom Ink. You’ll find the most adorable pre-made designs for band, choir, student council, prom, and more.

I wish I’d knows about Custom Ink a long time ago!

Go to to find your group’s custom creation.

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