19 Fun Water Games to Enjoy This Summer


Water games are some of the best fun of the summer. As temperatures rise, so does the need to cool off in creative ways.   Here are 19 fun water games you can play at family reunions, youth activities, play dates, or just because! We’ve found fun water games from water balloon games to kiddie pool kickball.  These games will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

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Water Games Your Family Will Love

1. Beach ball blaster

beach ball blaster water game

2. Water balloon pinatas 

water balloons pinatas game

3. Frozen t-shirt game

frozen t-shirt race

4. Bowl pass

pass the water bowl game

5. Drip, drip, dunk!

The water version of Duck, duck, goose.

water games for kids

6. Water baseball

water balloons baseball game

7. Ice excavating

ice excavating game for kids

8. $1 Pool noodle sprinkler

pool noodle sprinkler

9.  The water blob

water blob water games for kids

10. Splash ball sponges 

(No picking up water balloon pieces!)


splash ball sponge game

11. Soaking sponge launcher

fun water games soaking sponge launcher

12. Water kickball

kiddie pool kickball water games

13. Your own backyard water park

backyard waterpark

14. Homemade dunk bucket

homemade dunk bucket game

15. Water gun blaster race

Water games water gun blaster game

16. Noodle blasters

pool noodle water blaster

17. Water balloon painting

water balloons games water balloon painting

18. Ice cube painting

ice cube painting

19. Water balloon bucket catch

water balloon bucket catch game



Stay cool this summer!


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