Cheap and Easy Woodwork Clamping Jig

By craftshome / 28. June 2018

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I’ve been asked to build a bunch of cutting boards and I wanted to experiment with an easier way to clamp multiple strips with ease.

Two pieces of 3/4” MDF glued together and the end pieces were just scrap four be two’s. 1/4 threaded insertion nuts and 1/4” X 4” machine screws for the clamping force. It worked well for a test and I have a few ideas to improve thing on the next try. The bolts wanted to move the strip of aluminum around until it had a bit of pressure on it but it was manageable. Just regular packing tape to protect the base. When it was fully clamped, I flipped it over and check to see if it was flexing or bowing. It was less than a half a mm and that could just be the variance in the MDF itself.

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