7 Simple, Magical Ways This Smart Mom Entertains Her Kids Inside

*Were partnering with Kinder Joyto bring you some fun ideas to entertain the kids when youre stuck inside.

Growing up in Idaho, the weather is always a roller coaster. Its a common joke that you can never predict the weather hereYou can have sunshine, snow, and drizzling rain all in the same week.

As a kid, you became adept at learning how to entertain yourself both inside and outside, because you never knew when the weather would force you indoors. I think for that reason, I became very creative. My four siblings and I would invent games inside using whatever my mom had lying around: string, tape, blankets…you name it! That creativity has served me very well as a mom, and now whenever my kids are stuck indoors, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Simple joys come in small packages.

Simple joys come in small packages, like a roll of painters tape and Kinder Joy. Ive found that entertaining my kids on an inside day doesnt need to be extensive or expensive. A parent shouldnt have to run around, performing a song and dance. In fact, research shows that you can actually boost your childs IQ by letting them play with child-directed toys that allow them to be original thinkers. Give them a roll of painters tape and let them use their imaginations!

Entertaining Kids When Youre Stuck Inside

I’ve found that the best entertainment is actually the simplest. Sure, I could take my kids to a movie or indoor trampoline park, but why spend a fortune when they can have just as much fun with a little creativity?  Here are  a few tricks Ive used with my kids that turned out to be pretty magical. So when youre stuck inside on a rainy day, a snowy day, or when its too hot to go outside, grab a simple roll of painters tape and a fun treat like Kinder Joy—its a treat like no other that my kids love and I know yours will too!

7 Simple Games You Can Play with Painters Tape

1. Make an indoor race trackTake the painters tape and have fun laying it down on the floor in various race track patterns. Better yet, let your kids use their creativity to make their own track! Use the fun roller skates or skateboards in a Kinder Joy treat and let them play.

2. Take a straw and blow feathers or marbles along the trackUsing the same track, your kids can take a drinking straw and different items like feathers, marbles, or even pieces of paper and blow them along the race track, trying to keep the items inside the painters tape.

 3. HopscotchIts that classic game that kids just dont play much anymore. Teach your kids the art of hopscotch and then let them create their own variations of the game. You can even use the Kinder Joyegg to play! Roll it into one of the squares and then hop over that square when you come to it.

4. Bean bag tossTurn hopscotch into a bean bag toss game and work on a little target practice. You can create numbers using the painters tape and let your kids use their addition skills to tally up the points.

5. Hot lava mazeUse the painters tape race track or hop scotch layout to play one of my kidsfavorite games: hot lava. You have to run, jump on one foot, skip, etc. through the maze without stepping on the painters tape or stepping out of bounds (a.k.a hot lava).

6. Indoor dribbling practiceUsed the painters tape track to practice dribbling a basketball or soccer ball. You can even use the tape to make two goals for soccer.

7. Paper airplane target practiceMake a target on the wall or door using painters tape. The kids can make paper airplanes and then have fun trying to hit the target.

All of these games can easily take up the better part of a morning or afternoon, and the only items you need are a roll of painters tape and a Kinder JoytreatNow thats my kind of entertainment!

Kinder Joy: Its a treat and a toy!

An inside day always deserves a treat of its own. I dont know if youve seen these yet, but Kinder Joy recently came to the United States and my little family has been loving them ever since. Now available across the country, Kinder Joy is a treat made of two separately sealed halves—one side a creamy, layered treat and the other side has a fun mystery toy inside!

The treat is delicious…not like anything Ive tasted before. There are these two round, chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with cocoa cream and are pure heaven. Seriously, heavenly! And Kinder Joy comes with the cutest little spoon that you can eat everything with, so no messes!

Its simple, but this unique confection sparks the simple joys of childhood that make me remember my own childhood. My kids had so much fun opening their Kinder Joy™ (kids are all about opening packages!), eating the treat, and then assembling their new toy. Afterward, they played with their Kinder Joy toy on the painters tape track they made. I love activities that encourage imaginative play.

You can find Kinder Joy in a store near you

Seeing the surprise and delight in my childrens eyes when they open a Kinder Joy and play for hours with a roll of tape makes my mommy heart happy. Its spontaneous, surprising, and its what being a child is all about. Dont feel like you need to be the ringmaster in a circus. Give your kids a few simple tools and see what they can do with them.

Photos by Melodee Fiske

*A huge thanks to Kinder for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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