i’m a sucker for greenery, and i tend to swap out my plants in my home pretty often (okay, i’ll admit they tend to die). right now patterned plants with lots of natural design to them are catching my eye. think leaves with speckled spots, pretty brush strokes, and bits of colors. a few favorite variegated plants are zebra plants, rattlesnake plants, and watermelon peperomia. along with varying patterns plants with a bit of color variation like pink princess philodendron plant or the tri-color oyster plant are the perfect way to add a bit of texture to a space. i love them because they have pretty flashes of pink on their leaves throughout the entire year, rather than just an every now and then bloom. i included the plant names at the bottom so you can shop them, and a few favorite pots you can put them in. happy plant shopping this weekend! – erika

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Metal Planter + Stand

Dipped Clay Pot + Stand

Radius Planter


image credit: maranta prayer plant, mixed plants, rubber treevariegated italian buckthorn, pink rubber treecalathea plant, ivy, rattlesnake plant, pink princess

Original source: http://www.designlovefest.com/2018/06/weekend-at-home-116/

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