Model Building As A Hobby

Building models is an interesting hobby for anyone. Any object may be replicated and downsized into miniatures. These models may be made or assembled with original designs and materials or factory manufactured kits.

Men and boys enjoy building vehicles, robots, and architectural buildings. Women and girls enjoy building with clay, paper products, and assembling a variety of commercial kits.

Childhood memories inspire our favorite pastimes to become our future hobbies or interests. These memories give us pleasure or reward us with relaxation, therapy, or an income opportunity.

Building models offer:

An outlet for our arts and crafts talents and skills

Challenges our creativity and imagination

Freedom to explore and research





Building miniatures of our dreams and hopes

Reward our abilities

Pride in our accomplishments

Models are made with wood, plastics, metal, clay, paper products, foam, and other articles which become a part of or support a project.


Balsa wood for building airplanes

Melted plastic solutions poured into rubber molds

Metals can be cut and welded or melted into molds

Clay and paper mache are used for molding figurines, animals, plants and flowers, and décor items

Paper products and foam may be cut and glued to create buildings and other objects

The object which you are duplicating may be made with one or several types of materials from assorted resources.


A decision has been made to build a doll house. The house can be constructed with wood, cardboard, or pasteboard. The interior of the house may require clay, plastics, metal, and other materials to create furniture, people, carpet, flooring, and other décor.

People who have an interest in building models are both artisans and craftsmen with creative and imaginative abilities. They also possess various trade skills with excellent eye and hand coordination.

Types of Models:


Accessories which support the main project

Commercial buildings and industrial building communities – residential and business

Entertainment characters from books, comics, movies, and television

Flora and landscaping


Machinery and mechanical devices

Natural wonders – volcanoes, mountains, canyons


Robots and other toys

Vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, ships, rockets, space ships, military vehicles

As you can see from the above list, there is an endless list of model building projects. You have the choice of designing and creating an original duplicate from materials at hand, experimenting with plastics and metals, or assembling ready-made articles.

Model Construction:

The media which is being used will determine the order of construction, materials, and tools. These three-dimensional buildings, characters, or animals all require starting with their foundation, proceeding with their accessories, and finalizing the details

Essential skills:

Knowledge and familiarity with the craft


Creativity and imagination



Detail oriented

Photos and drawings of projects

Engineering abilities

Knowing how to work required tools

Finishing applications

If you have never participated in this hobby, start with a simple project. This is a fun and exciting hobby experience.


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