3 Big, Fat Sunscreen Myths and a Better Way

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I grew up in the c’est la vie days where bike helmets were non-existent, where kids rode in cars with no car seats, and sunscreen was totally optional. In fact, I remember as a kid playing all day at the water park sans sunscreen and then coming home to an epic sunburn that left me sprawled out on the bed in pain. As the days went by, I entertained myself by picking off my flaking skin. Just a sunburn; no big deal.

As a teenager, I know for a fact that I passed on the SPF because I “wanted to get tan.” It’s those years that I’m paying for now on the back end and I can’t apologize enough to my skin.

3 Big, Fat Sunscreen Myths and a Better Way

When I recently had a scare at my dermatologist’s office with a suspicious-looking spot, I had a serious wake-up call. This is the only skin I get. How I treated my skin in the past is unfortunate, but I promised to do better moving forward. It’s never too late.

Now I wear SPF on my face every single day, but I had to debunk a few of these myths first.

1. I only need to wear sunscreen at the pool or the beach.

Wrong. Did you know 2/3 women know they should be wearing SPF daily, but only 1/3 actually do. Ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage are always present, even on cloudy days. So whether you’re doing yard work or taking the dog for a walk, make sure sunscreen is part of your daily routine.

For me, this is easier when I use a moisturizer that contains SPF like Olay Whips with SPF 25. It hardly feels like you’re putting on sunscreen at all, it’s so soft. (The “Unicorn of Moisturizers” now has an SPF sister.)

2. It’s too greasy for my face.

Historically, this may be true. Many of us hate putting sunscreen on our faces because it feels way too greasy. (That’s the last way I want to my face to look and feel in the summer.) Not to mention that a lot of sunscreens smell too potent or leave white streaks on the skin.

Get excited because Olay Whips with SPF 25 is none of those things! It is seriously a dream to put on, with Active Rush Technology that instantly absorbs into the skin, blending all skin tones, and leaving no oily residue. It’s light, smooth, and feels just like a high-end moisturizer. Olay Whips with SPF 25 has totally changed my perception of sunscreen and I think it will yours too.

You’ll want to wear it every day.

3. I have a dark complexion so I don’t need SPF.

Again, sorry but BEEP…wrong. No matter what complexion or skin tone you have, you need to wear sunscreen. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of race. Please, please, please, don’t think you or your children are ever immune to skin damage. Wear SPF every day, and reapply every few hours when you are directly in the sun.

If you hate oily or sticky sunscreen on your face, there’s a simple solution: switch out your current moisturizer for one with SPF like Olay Whips SPF 25. It makes applying sunscreen easy and offers peace of mind knowing that your skin is in good hands. Now on to yard work that is definitely not tackling itself.


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