Rusted Nail Push Stick

Posted by Jeffrey Burke

As a member of the Southern Woodworkers i am taking part in the annual Makers Swap, i was chosen to build a piece for the shop: A Glimpse Inside.

The Makers Swap is a great way to grow camaraderie with fellow woodworkers by crafting a piece that another shop can either use or proudly display. A Glimpse Inside has a great shop set up so i figured a piece that he can proudly display in his shop or home would be the best bet. I decided to build him a custom, one of a kind Rusted Nail push stick with box made with genuine Reclaimed American Chestnut.

If you haven’t already check out the A Glimpse Inside Youtube channel and Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

A glimpse inside

To get an alternate Voice Over with more of a “How To” approach where i talk about what i am doing and what i am thinking while building this piece, become my patron at

Check out the Youtube video here

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