Basic Shop Stool

I’ve made a number of stools over the years but I like this one because it is both easy to build and super strong. If you’ve never made lap joints, this is a great first project to practice them on!

I started by gluing up some boards on their edges to make a panel for the seat.

Next, I ripped some 2x4s down into 2×2 strips, then cut all the legs to length.

Them it was just a matter of taking careful measurements and using a stack of dado blades to cut notches in the legs.

Then I cut tenons on the ends of the cross braces.

With all of the pieces prepared, assembly is a piece of cake! The lap joints are self-squaring and keep everything nice and straight while gluing.

Finally, I cut the seat down to size, sanded it smooth, and glued it to the leg assembly.

Free plans

  • WWMM Shop Stool (pdf)
  • Sketchup file
  • WWMM Shop Stool – METRIC (pdf)
  • Sketchup file – METRIC


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